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Facilities & Classes

Rob Radford brought Boxing For Fitness to Cincinnati 25 years ago and even though a lot of people have tried, the experience has yet to be duplicated.

The Boxing4Fitness Class


There is no better total body workout than the "Boxing 4 Fitness" class.


The 60 minute class begins with abdominal floor work then transitions into a boxing workout where you will hit the heavy bag & speed bag, jump rope and even get into the ring with an instructor to work on punch mitts.


Young and old can benefit from this incredible workout. The workout can be tailored to any skill or fitness level. Shoot Rob an email today or stop by the gym. Your 1st class is always free so there is no reason not to give it a try!!

Personal Training


Whether you are trying to lose weight, add muscle, tone up or just looking to boost your self confidence, Rob Radford can tailor a workout just for you. Rob combines Boxing, Kick Boxing, Strength and Cardio Training together for a complete full body workout.


Rob has trained kids, grandparents, athletes, and non-athletes in his 25 years of boxing and personal training. Let him guide you through a workout and nutrition program designed to help you acheive your goals.

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