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About Rob

Rob Radford brought Boxing For Fitness to Cincinnati 25 years ago and even though a lot of people have tried, the experience has yet to be duplicated.


With over 30 years of boxing experience, Rob is a certified USA-ABF coach, cornerman, and referee. Rob's experience isn't just outside the ring, he is a 3 time Cincinnati "Meanest Man" Champ (but he really is a nice guy.)


Rob has trained everyone. Kids, grandparents, athletes, and non-athletes. For people who don't like the gym, and don't have time for team sports, Rob Radford's Boxing For Fitness is a must.


Rob can take those complicated boxing moves and break them down to their most basic level making it fun and letting you work at your own pace. All while getting one of the best total body workouts of your life...and in about 45 minutes.


You'll see all kinds of people while your at Rob's. High school and college students, business professional ready to relieve stress, moms, dads, and kids. You will also find local professional fighters. Rob also works with many top fighters, managers and trainers.


Whether you are trying to get back into shape, or an athlete looking to take your performance to the next level, Rob can help. Call Rob Radford today and see what he can do for you, 317-8879

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